God’s Got Your Back
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God’s Got Your Back

READ: Mark 9:14-16 

A crowd comes looking for Jesus.  In that crowd, there are members of the religious leadership.  You know the story; these religious leaders are always looking for a way to trip Him up.  But this time, Jesus isn’t there, so they decide to go after His men. So, they begin to argue and fuss at the disciples. 

But there’s something I want you to see in this passage that I believe will bless you.  It’s in verse sixteen. As Jesus, Peter, James and John come down from the Mount of Transfiguration, Jesus doesn’t go up to His disciples and say, “Okay guys, what are you talking to the religious leadership about?”  No, Jesus goes to the religious leadership and says, “What are you debating, discussing, and arguing about with them?” 

When I take in everything being said in this passage, verse sixteen tells me a blessed truth – Jesus has my back.  If I will stand for Him, He will fight for me! 

Friends, unlike earthly kingdoms, that are defined by a group of people, politics or slogans, the Kingdom of God is defined by the nature of its King – Jesus.  The more we pray, meditate and imitate Him, the more Kingdom life will be lived through us. This is important because Mark’s gospel says, “The Kingdom of God has come.”  Meditate on the words has come, for a moment. This does not mean that we live our daily lives for self and someday when we get to heaven we’ll have a mansion on the hilltop.  What it does mean is that we don’t have to wait for the Kingdom of God to come – it’s already here. That’s what this section of Mark’s Gospel is all about, how to live in the Kingdom today!  

What does that have to do with the passage above?  Well, here’s the nugget of truth. When you live for Jesus and walk in the fullness of God, Jesus will fight for you.  When the enemy comes and tries to pull you down – He’s got your back! 

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