The Life-Changing Word
Study the Word

The Life-Changing Word

Read: Mark 2:2 

 “. . . And, He preached the word to them.” 

How you ever noticed the power words? Words can build up and words can tear down. They can be used for good or they can be a tool for evil. We’ve all been victims of words. I remember as a child the old rhyme: 


Sticks and stones may break my bones –  

But words will never hurt me. 


I’m not so sure about that . . . 

Words matter. Words have caused armies to march into battle. Words have shaped the course of history. There’s no other way to say it: Words are powerful. And, when the Word speaks the word, things happen! We see that in our text today. 

The healing of the paralytic is a familiar passage of scripture. Mark records this incredible event in chapter two of his gospel. We remember how friends carried this man to Jesus . . .  

tore a hole in the roof . . . 

and, lowered him down. 

It’s interesting to remember what Jesus was doing while the crowd had gathered. He’s preaching the word to them. The Word is doing what He came to do (see Mark 1:38). And, things happen when the Word speaks! The paralytics life is changed forever. In fact, there were tremendous changes that took place in his life. A man that was lowered through the roof now walks – or, maybe dances – right out the front door. Jesus spoke a word of forgiveness that not only cleansed his heart, but also his emotions and conscience. But nothing changed until Jesus spoke to him. It was the power of Jesus’ words that made all the difference. 

So, what’s the big deal? 

As we start a new week, let me remind you of a few things: 


  • Jesus still speaks today 

The risen Christ, present among us by His Holy Spirit, can change life’s today. He is the Living Word, revealed through the written Word that will bring us into the resurrected Words power! 


  • Jesus speaks words of forgiveness 

There is nothing more freeing than receiving the forgiveness that only He can give. Nobody is ever too far that they cannot receive! Have you received this forgiveness today? There’s nothing more soothing, satisfying than to know that there is nothing between our souls and our Savior! 


  • Jesus speaks words of healing 

When Jesus spoke words to the paralyzed man, the words flowed through his body as a healing force. He still speaks healing words today. He can speak healing in our emotions, our relationships, our finances, and yes, our bodies. 


His word, His voice is life-changing. Whatever our need, it can be found in Him. By His Spirit and through the Scriptures, Jesus is speaking today. 

Are you burdened down with guilt? Receive the forgiveness that He can speak to your life today. Are you sick? Listen to Him as He speaks words of healing.  

As we face a new week let’s make it our purpose to cling to His life-changing word! 

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