Study the Word


Read: Mark 1:21-27

And they were astonished. . .  (Mark 1:22 NKJV.)


They were astonished . . . that’s the word Mark uses. And it’s not a light word. In the Greek—ekplḗssōLet’s look at the meaning: “thrown off the original course; to cause to be filled with amazement to the point of being overwhelmed, astounded.”  

They were thrown off their original course by his teaching. Amazed, astounded, overwhelmed . . . by His teaching.  

Let’s stop for a minute.  

Don’t you long for that astonishment? 

When was the last time you attended a worship service and were thrown off your original course?  

How long has it been since you’ve been amazed by Jesus? Astounded? Overwhelmed? Jaw on the ground saying, “What in the world did I just see?” Are we reaping all the benefits available to us from our Savior? 

That’s how they were this day. Today, Jesus was in the house!  

This Sabbath the people will receive something they weren’t expecting.  

The source of Authority has shown up.  

Today they will hear from the Master. 

When Jesus began to teach, it wasn’t the opinion of man. No, it was the very word of God spoken through a man sourced by His Father being proclaimed to the people! Other teachers would stress what Dr. so-and-so would say; Jesus would cite no sources. He was the Source! He knew what He was talking about! It flowed through. 





They were thrown off their original course. . . . 

The source of authority was in the house! 

You do understand that whenever we gather together in His name, He is there. When we gather today, pay attention. Listen. Expect. You might just be astonished.  

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