Not Where I Thought I’d Be
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Not Where I Thought I’d Be

READ: Mark 6:45-53 

One of my favorite scenes in Mark’s story of Jesus is found in chapter 6. A favorite simply because of one word in one verse. If you’re not careful, you’ll read right past it. But if you look closelyperhaps you’ll see it. And if you see it, it’s amazing what that verse can speak into your life.  

You remember the action: 

  • Jesus and the disciples are met by a crowd of 5000 men.  
  • The disciples want to send the home. 
  • Jesus wants to feed them and bring the disciples more into the Kingdom. 
  • 5 loaves and 2 small fish feed everybody as much as they want. 
  • There are 12 baskets of abundance—left over—above and beyond what was eaten.
  • Jesus sends the disciples away in the boat to Bethsaida (see verse 45). 
  • The wind up in a storm where they think they’ll die. 
  • Jesus gets in the boat and the storm ceases. 

And, then we read verse 53: 

“And when they had passed over,  

they came into the land of Gennesaret,  

and drew to the shore.” 


Did you see it? 


Slow down, go back and read it all again: 

“They came into the land of Gennesaret and drew to the shore.” 

What’s the big deal? 

Don’t miss it . . . 

That’s not where Jesus told the disciples to go when he sent them away on their journey. Remember in verse 45 Jesus sent them on before “unto Bethsaida”. However, through a long night wrestling through the storm, after Jesus joined them in the boat . . . they came to shore in Gennesaret. It wasn’t on their itinerary. It wasn’t in their GPS. Yet, that’s where they ended up.  

You don’t always end up where you thought you’d be!  

Isn’t that just like life?   

Things don’t always turn out the way that you planned.  

But if you walk with Jesus you can count on this, you will always end up where you’re needed most. You may not understand why you are where you are but be sure of this: God will use you for His glory exactly where you are!  

As you face your week remember that you can trust Him . . . even when you end up not where you thought you’d be! 


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