Just Carry The Water
Study the Word

Just Carry The Water

Read: John 2:5 

“His mother said to the servants, “Whatever He says to you, do it.”” 

Summertime is camp meeting time. Typically, when June rolls around—all the way through August, my summer is filled with camps. It’s really a wonderful time of renewal, fellowship, and fun.  

Since last Thursday, I’ve been in Mount Vernon, Ohio at the Sychar Holiness Camp; aka Camp Sychar. It’s an old-fashioned holiness camp meeting that has been meeting continuously for the last 151 years. It’s very humbling to see the list of great speakers from days gone by and know you’re now part of such a great heritage. I’m alternating speaking with Rev. Jonathan W. Morgan. Jonathan is the pastor of a wonderful church in Lancaster, Ohio: Faith Memorial CCCU (to find out more about the Faith Memorial and Pastor Morgan, please visit  

Last night, Pastor Jonathan spoke from our text. It’s actually a pretty familiar text to those of us who have grown up around church. Jesus turns water into wine. It’s actually the first miracle that Jesus performs, and it just so happened to be at a wedding . . . a wedding party.  


  • There’s a wedding at Cana of Galilee 
  • The wine runs out 
  • This is a big deal—a really big deal 
  • Jesus’ mother tells him to do something 
  • He says, “It’s not my time” 
  • She turns to the servants, “Whatever He says, do it” 
  • There are water pots
  • Jesus commands them to filled and drawn out to be taken to the head waiter 
  • Wine. Not only wine .  . . the best wine. 


 Like I said, it’s a familiar story. Yet, as Pastor Jonathan preached, I heard something new. This miracle happened because some menial servants (not even the head servant) were willing to do whatever Jesus told them to do. Even if it was simply carrying water. 

This is such a powerful image. Too often we aren’t willing to do the menial tasks. We think that we’re above those things. We’re not willing to just do the work, to carry the water and simply miss the power of God.  

How tragic.  


And watch what He can do. 

Whatever He says to you, do it.  

As we begin a new week together let’s be sure and do whatever he says. Whether it be on a great stage or an unseen corner, let’s simply obey. Through that obedience, miracles will happen, and Jesus will be revealed. 

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