Traveling the Road with Jesus
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Traveling the Road with Jesus

READ: Mark 10:32-34 


I travel for a living.  

However, we are all travelers. 


Nothing is truer in life than movement. Time never stands still. From the time of our birth, life is always in motion. We can remember the past—but we can never go back because time is irreversible. Instead, we continue down the road. We are all going somewhere with someone. I hope that you are traveling the road with Jesus. 


If the road can be a symbol of life, it’s important to remember that Jesus is our leader. In our text today we can see that Jesus was walking ahead of His disciples and they were following Him. There are many people, many things that would try to lead us down a different road. But we must follow Him. Jesus is the only One who is perfectly qualified to blaze the trail, set the pace, and lead us to the prize. 


Of course, we realize that where Jesus leads the road will not always be smooth, easy, or even safe. There are so many times throughout the story the disciples found themselves unsure, amazed, and even afraid. We know at this point of our text today He was leading them into danger, leading them toward a cross, leading to a death that would ultimately make new life possible! While following Jesus, we are never promised a life of ease, to be free from conflict; He has only promised that we could find victory (through Him) in any conflict. Do you remember His words?  


“In this world you will have tribulation,” he said, “but be of good cheer, 

I have overcome the world” (John 16:33) 


When we travel the road with Jesus there will be hard times. Don’t forget the context of the passage we looked at this morning. Jesus is headed to Jerusalem and to a cross, but that ultimately would culminate in an empty tomb. There will be burdens. There will be battles. But, with Jesus there is victory. 


Please remember that this week.  


He never promised it would be easy.  

He did promise it would be good. 


Traveling the road with Jesus. 

There’s no better way to go! 

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