When He Speaks
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When He Speaks

Read: Mark 5:1-20 


For He said to him, “Come out of the man, unclean spirit! 

 Mark 5:1 



Our world is filled with chaos. 

Everything seems to be in a state of disorder. When you reflect on the things that has happened these past years, you see confusion, isolation, helplessness, and maybe for some—hopelessness. Simply put: Our world is overcome by dissonance. The melody of life has been disrupted.  

Do you remember how the song was originally composed? When you go to the beginning of the story, we see the discord. Genesis 1:2 paints the picture of how it was before God began His creative process. The earth “was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep”. What a vivid description. In the beginning, we see a symbol of separation (darkness) and chaos (the deep, i.e., the sea). Yet amid the tumult, God was there, “hovering over the face of the waters”. And when He spoke, order overruled the chaos. Harmony replaced the dissension, and a beautiful melody began. It was a beautiful duet of peace—a song of unity of Creator and creation. However, the fall reintroduced the disorder, the dissonance. It seemed this duet would be forever broken—until He came, and when His voice was heard, it made all the difference. The Prince of Peace came to restore peace to all creation. (Please read that last sentence again: The Prince of Peace came to restore peace to all creation.) The Kingdom of God is a Kingdom of Peace! This is powerfully illustrated in the text we thought about last week. 

Jesus has been talking about the mystery of the Kingdom (Mark 4). After a long day, He and the disciples begin the journey across the sea. Darkness falls. The wind becomes fierce. The disciples fight while Jesus sleeps. The violent, hurricane-like wind seemed to have the upper hand. Until they wake Jesus . . . He gets up, walks to the front of the boat, and speaks into the darkness over the face of the deep, “Peace! Be still!”. Just as it was in the beginning, it is now. When He speaks—the wind is muzzled. At the sound of His voice the violence of the storm must flee. When He speaks peace, peace is realized. His voice is the voice of authority, and the storm and sea must obey.  

The narrative continues and it seems that they step from one storm into another. Except this time, it’s not a physical storm. Instead, it’s a personal storm that’s raging in the life of a man. Just as a hurricane destroys property, this raging tempest has destroyed everything he had been and longed to claim everything he might ever be. This man was unrecognizable. A mad man that terrorized an entire community. He was alive, but he lived amongst the dead.   

He confronts Jesus as He steps out of the boat and Jesus speaks, “Come out of the man . . .”. At the sound of His voice the storm must cease. Again, the voice of authority is heard and must be obeyed. When the words are spoken violence ends and peace is realized. A mad, wild man is restored. He was changed when Jesus spoke into his life, into his circumstance. 

I’m thankful that the Prince of Peace is still speaking peace in our lives and circumstances today. No matter what the storm, how fierce it may be, He has authority over it. As we begin a new week together, will you allow Him to speak peace into your life and circumstance? He is still the voice of authority. And when He speaks, His voice must still be obeyed.  

Ah, soul are you here without comfort and rest, 

Marching down the rough pathway of time? 

Make Jesus your friend, ere the shadows grow dark; 

O, accept of this sweet peace so sublime. 


Peace, peace, wonderful peace, 

Coming down from the Father above. 

Sweep over my spirit forever, I pray; 

In fathomless billows of love. 


God can restore the song to each one of our lives. He can chase away the dissonance, disunity to beautiful harmony once again. We can join in the intended song of creation. As song of peace with the Composer of all things! 

Do you hear His voice? 

Let’s join in that song.  

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