Frankie Kao

Become highly passionate about inspiring life explorations and architectural break-throughs, I am constantly seeking for a chance to materialize my dreams.

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Education & Work experiences

Work experience equips me with certain soft skills namely team working & communication skills, all of which are widely sought after by clients.
  • Fallvaley High School (2004)
    Entered the only high school for world-wide talented students in arts, architecture and design.
  • Dallas Architecture University (2008)
    Started the university life at Dallas Architecture University majoring in Architecture Design.
  • Harvard University (2011)
    Graduated from Dallas University and started studing M.A's degree of Architecture at Harvard University.
  • Boston Architecture Award (2012)
    Been awarded the famous the Boston Architecture Award of the year 2012 for Green Space Design.
  • Abby Corporation Establishment (2018)
    Established Abby Corporation, formerly Abby Architecture Company in the city of New York, USA.

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