How Would You Answer?
Study the Word

How Would You Answer?

Read: Mark 2:8-14 

Let’s jump back into last weeks story . . . And maybe think about something we normally wouldn’t: 

“Why does He talk like this? Only God can forgive sins.”  

That’s what they’re saying.  

The scribes and Pharisees—the religious leadership of the day—are in an uproar because of the statement Jesus has made. Their egos have been bruised! Remember, the people are saying that Jesus teaches better than these scribes and Pharisees. He teaches as one having authority, like He actually knows what He’s talking about. So, these insecure, intimidated religious leaders are now looking for any reason to discredit HimNow, in their hearts, they think they’ve got Him. 

Have you noticed that we can’t get anything by Jesus? He’s the Knower of our hearts. We simply think something, and He knows. So, Jesus knows exactly what these guys are thinking! 

Jesus knew their hearts, but He could see on their faces they disagreed with His statement. He knows where they are, but He refuses to leave them there. Have you realized this about Jesus? He knows exactly where we are. He meets us there. But, He refuses to leave us in that position. He’s constantly working on His masterpiece—restoring it to what He knows it can be.  

He knows exactly what these people are thinking, what’s going on in their hearts, where they are, yet He refuses to leave them there! Listen as He speaks: 


“Why do you reason about these things in your hearts? 

Which is easier, to say to the paralytic, ‘Your sins are forgiven you,’ 

or to say, ‘Arise, take up your bed and walk’?”  

Mark 2:8-9 


Here’s what I want us to think about: 

How would you answer? 

Before you do . . . which would be easier for the paralytic? Remember, his body doesn’t work. There’s no strength in his legs, no developed muscle. He’s the unwelcome, unloved outcast. All eyes are on him. 

How about the scribes? What would be easier for them to hear as they sit in judgment and condemnation?   

What about the crowd? 

What about you? 

How would you respond? 

Let’s note that everyone is not at the same place in the story. We all come from somewhere, each has a perspective dictated by his or her circumstance, all have a point of view. It’s too easy for us to quickly jump to conclusions and make judgments.  

So . . . how would you answer? 

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